SWEET dataset

SWEET dataset

A list of the current SWEET dataset with explanations is available in this document:

Dataset with explanations [PDF]

Here you can find an excel file with exemplary data.

Exemplary data [Excel]

Centers using the DPV software

Sensor data from various CGM-/FGM-meters can be imported into DPV since version 7.35.

Documentation-glucose-DPV-software [PDF]

Centers using an individual documentation system

If you are not using DPV, you can create a ZIP-file containing all your sensor data.
Please use the following convention for naming the individual files:
“<<patientid>-<<Year>-<<Month>.<<file extension>” (e.g. “745-2019-07.txt”) so we can match your sensor data to your patients’ data.

Documentation-glucose-individual-centers [PDF]

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