Best Improvement Prize

Best Improvement Prize

As part of the SWEET Peer Review Program we annually award two Best Improvement Prizes endowed with 2.500 € each, which are being generously sponsored by Lilly.

The two prices are awarded to centers that have achieved significant quality improvements that made progress in the delivery of services or introduced a new method or process. In particular the judges will be looking for practice that may have:

  • contributed to the delivery of safe, high quality patient centered services
  • successfully integrated services through constraining/complex circumstances
  • facilitated improved compliance with the standards
  • improved patient's experience

Submissions from centers will be judged by the hub leaders for peer review and winners of the prizes will be announced at the SWEET meeting in autumn each year.

With this initiative SWEET aims to collect quality improvement measures and inspire other centers to evolve. Think of aspects of your practice that you are proud of and that could be of big importance for the diabetes society.

If you would like to be considered for one of these prizes you are now invited to submit written evidence to the SWEET office providing details of the practice being undertaken in your center with reference to the criteria set out above.

Submissions should be received by the SWEET office ( by September 1st, 2022.

Prizes in 2021:

This year we had eleven applications for the Best Improvement Prize from all over the world. Each and every center showed us impressive services, standards and improvements. Hence, our hub leaders had a very tough decision to make. However, our congratulations for the prizes go to:

  • BIRDEM, Diabetic Association of Bangladesh for their highly structured and organized “one-stop diabetes care” with several affiliated centers in 64 districts of Bangladesh and
  • Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, USA for the development of an extra Care Program for patients with poor glucose management and other social and behavioral challenges.

Please contact if you would like to receive further information about the winner’s improvements/services.

Best Improvement Prize
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