Preparing a SWEET Publication

Process of Preparing a Publication based on SWEET data

Research projects with the aim of a publication in peer reviewed journals, oral or poster presentation at a congress can be proposed by SWEET members to the DPPC by completing the form available here:

Start a research / scientific project

The same form should be used to request data analysis to the DPPC.

After approval by the DPPC the project gets “green light” to start and the proposer becomes the lead author, whose responsibilities are to:

  • Establish communication with co-authors
  • Establish communication with the data management group in Ulm
  • Report regularly on the progress of the project to SWEET project coordinators
  • Write the first draft of publication in cooperation with co-authors
  • Act as corresponding author for journal communication
  • Check text, numbers, tables, figures etc. regarding accuracy

Every SWEET member (diabetes center), that has contributed data to the topic of the research project by their regular upload to the SWEET database is eligible to nominate a co-author. All eligible SWEET members receive a call for expressing their interest in co-authorship by email from the SWEET coordinators. The DPPC selects possible co-authors among the interested people according to criteria defined in the publication policy (person is only allowed to have two co-authorships in parallel, geographical representation of SWEET, fair distribution among experienced and young professionals, …). This selection is then suggested to the lead author for final approval.

Obligations of a co-author are an active contribution to the work such as:

  • creation of figures/tables,
  • searching for literature,
  • writing parts of manuscript,
  • reviewing of manuscript

The SWEET Data management group supports the research project by

  • Creating the data package
  • Help establishing priorities for data analysis
  • Providing one co-author, who supports the statistical analysis
  • Editing and proof reading of the manuscripts produced by the writing teams, if necessary, especially the section on methods of analysis and statistics

After an abstract or manuscript has been successfully written and is finalized, it has to be send to all co-authors and the SWEET project coordinators prior to submission for a last check and formal approval.

Preparing a SWEET publication
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